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Acne, whether caused by a few pimples or a major breakout, can lead to an imperfect complexion, lost confidence, and scarring. If you struggle with acne and simply washing your face isn’t enough to control your breakouts, visit Brookside Dermatology Associates in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The team of expert dermatologists and aestheticians offer a variety of treatments for acne so you can enjoy clearer skin. To request an appointment, use the online booking tool or call the office today.

Acne Q & A

What causes acne?

Acne occurs when a pore in your skin becomes clogged by a dead skin cell that isn’t shed. Your pores normally produce oil to keep your skin moist, however when your pores become clogged, the oil builds up behind the blockage, leading to redness and irritation in and around the pore.

Naturally occurring bacteria on your skin can then become trapped in the clogged pore, leading to an infection and more irritation and redness. If this infection worsens, it can travel deeper into your skin and cause an acne cyst or nodule, which may feel like a hard, swollen painful bump.

Are there different types of acne?

While many people think acne just causes pimples or zits, there are a number of different types of blemishes that can be caused by acne. Different blemishes include:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Cysts
  • Nodules

These blemishes all appear slightly different based on the way in which the pore becomes clogged and irritated. Most blackheads and whiteheads cause small clogs but little redness or swelling, while papules and pustules form raised pus-filled sacs underneath your skin and create the typical appearance of a pimple.

Why is it so hard for acne to clear up?

Often over-the-counter treatments and information about acne online don’t provide the personalized care or information you need to clear up your acne. Since every person has a different experience with acne and has their own unique acne triggers, like hormonal fluctuations, dietary sensitivities, and exposure to environmental pollutants, it’s important to see the doctors at Brookside Dermatology for an evaluation and effective treatment.

The team takes into account all the possible components that cause your acne in order to develop a treatment plan to help your skin clear up and avoid the development of acne scars.

What types of treatments are available for acne?

The team may recommend one or more of the following treatment approaches to address your acne symptoms:

  • Personalized skin care routine
  • Topical and oral medications
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser light therapy
  • Dietary changes
  • Sun protection, including daily sunscreen use

The team has more than 40 years of experience providing effective treatment for acne so that you can get the best results possible.

Put an end to your acne today by taking the first step and calling or booking a consultation online at Brookside Dermatology Associates.

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