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New Developments to Treat Eczema

There are two new developments in the field of eczema (atopic dermatitis).  For those with milder disease, a topical medicine, Eucrisa, is now available that may help to contain the disease while limiting patients’ exposure to steroids.  For those with more widespread or severe disease there is a new “biologic” medicine, Dupixent.  It is given every two weeks and has shown excellent efficacy and a very good safety profile in many patients with difficult to control eczema.  There is a great deal of excitement in the field of dermatology about the potential of these medicines to help us control this troubling condition.  It has been over 10 years since the last new medicine was approved for eczema.  Please make an appointment if you have eczema and would like to discuss these further.

Jeremy Moss, M.D. Ph.D. Dr. Jeremy Moss, a board certified dermatologist, is an associate professor of dermatology at Yale University and on the active medical staff at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

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